B: Gild Editor


The Gild Editor is the place where you will be editing all of your Java program files. It is a simple text editor with some added features to aid you with your Java programming. These added features include syntax highlighting, bracket matching, automatic line indenting, and a vertical ruler-a thick, straight, vertical line located to the left of the rest of the editor-that supports functionality for adding and removing bookmarks, tasks, and breakpoints. It will also display errors and warnings.

Bookmarks are "shortcuts" to files that you can name. They can be accessed through the "Bookmarks" tab in the view at the very bottom of your Gild screen. When you double-click one of the bookmarks in this view, the file in which that bookmark exists will automatically be opened in an editor. You may then edit or read the file.
Tasks are much like bookmarks, but with an added feature: they remind you of work that you still have to do. Tasks can be found via the "Tasks" tab at the bottom of your Gild screen. These can be set by right clicking on the vertical bar or by adding a TODO comment. For example: . Gild considers "TODO" to be a special word when used in comments.
Breakpoints are used when you are debugging your Java programs. They will be discussed in the section "Accomplishing Common Tasks>Logic Errors and the Gild Debugger".
/ Errors and Warnings
These occur when there is something wrong with your source code. When an compilation error occurs, your Java code can not be built into a Java class file, and your program will not run (covered in "Accomplishing Common Tasks>Compiling/Building" ). When warnings occur, your code can be built, but problems may occur when you try to run your program. Warnings will not catch all of your code problems (in fact, they will catch very little), but they can be helpful.

When Gild is running or debugging a Java file, the editor will turn yellow to emphasize that a program is being executed. To stop execution, click on the terminate button , located on the toolbar or in the console or debug views. Editing is not advisable while a program is being executed.

The Gild Editor is used for editing Java files. It will be given a more in-depth treatment in the section "Accomplishing Common Tasks>Editing a Java File".

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