Saving Files

Once you have started to edit a Java file, you will notice that a small asterisk (*) decorator has appeared beside the name of your file. This decorator appears in both the Gild Editor and the Gild Resource View. The decorator signals to you that the file you are editing has changed, and must be saved. To save the file, simply click on the "Save" button on the toolbar.

Note: Depending on the set-up of the computer that you are working on, this file may not be permanently saved, although it will be saved for the duration of your session. If Eclipse has been installed on a network environment (as in many computer labs), your files may be periodically deleted. To avoid losing any information, always back up your files before you close Gild. Follow the instructions in the section entitled "Accomplishing Common Tasks>Exporting (Backing Up) Files".

After you have saved the file, you will notice that a small image () decorator has been overlaid on top of the label of your file (and its parents) in the Gild Resource View. This decorator is there to remind you to compile/build your file. See the section entitled "Accomplishing Common Tasks>Compiling/Building".

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