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Gild is a simple, yet robust programming environment designed specifically for students and for the classroom. Here are some of its features.

A Complete Java Programming Environment
  • Fully-featured Java editor with syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, and bracket matching.
  • Robust debugger which makes it easy to debug single threaded programs.
  • Tasks view that displays compilation errors and warnings.
  • Simple resource navigator that doesn't hide information about the directory structure of your java projects.
  • Ability to quickly backup and load corsework and materials using the Export/Import Archived Project feature.
  • Documentation written in a step-by-step manner, with examples to help you learn how to use Gild.
  • Special File>Open action (not available in standard Eclipse 2.1) allows users to open files for editing without the need to create a new project.
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities automatically load Java source files for editing when they are dropped onto the Gild workspace from the desktop.
Pedagogical Aid Tools for Teachers, Assistants, and the Classroom
  • Specialized HTML Browser
    • Automatically synchronizes HTML corse notes and lecture slides with source-code content
    • Automatically opens Java source files in the Gild Java editor, using HTML links in the lecture slides. Navigates to code at the method-level.
  • Marker View (experimental) that allows teachers and teacher's assistants to mark Java source code using a standard marking scheme. Marks can be saved as HTML documents to be loaded on the web, or as XML markup that students can load in their own copy of Gild.
  • The DrJava plugin from Rice University is included with the install. It allows students and teachers to enter and run Java code on-the-fly.

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