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Download Gild 1.2.2

Gild 1.2.2

Installation Instructions

(Email gildhelp@cs.uvic.ca if you have any problems)

Note: If you have Gild already installed on your computer then follow the Gild Update Instructions, otherwise continue with the instructions below...

1. Install Java SDK

If you do not have a Java SDK on your computer, you must install one You will need Java 2 SDK Standard Edition version 1.4.  (Note for Mac users: An appropriate Java SDK comes with OS X and will already be on your computer.)

2. Install Eclipse SDK

If you do not have an Eclipse SDK on your computer, you must install one. You must have release 2.1.1, 2.1.2, or 2.1.3.  (Note: Gild does not work yet with Eclipse 3.0.) 

  • Download the right ".zip" file for your operating system from the Eclipse 2.1.3 download page. Follow either the (http) or (ftp) links.
  • Unzip this file into an appropriate location on your computer. (For example: "C:\Program Files\" on Windows, or in the "/Applications/" folder on the Mac )

  • In order to complete the Eclipse install you must run Eclipse once.
    Run by double-clicking (or invoking)  the executable file. (For example: "C:\Program Files\eclipse\eclipse.exe" on Windows, or "/Applications/eclipse/Eclipse" on the Mac). When Eclipse starts up, you will most likely see the image below.


3. Install Gild

1. Close Eclipse if running. Note: If you have not run Eclipse at least once, you should do so before installing gild.

2. Unzip ca.uvic.gild.feature_1.2.2.zip into your main Eclipse folder (For example: the "C:\Program Files\eclipse\" folder on Windows, or the "/Applications/eclipse/" folder on the Mac). The main Eclipse folder is the one that contains the executable and the "features" and "plugins" folders. All Gild's files will be automatically unzipped into these "plugins" and "features" folders.

3. Start Eclipse. You should be informed by Eclipse that there are some "configuration changes" to process. Click the "Finish" button to complete the Gild installation.

7. Restart Eclipse, when prompted to do so.


8. When Eclipse restarts you will be presented with Gild's Welcome page. Open the Gild Perspective by clicking on the "Gild Perspective" link, or alternatively by selecting Window > Open Perspective > Other > Gild.

9. That should do it! For information on how to use Gild click on the Welcome page's help links, or alternatively by selecting Help > Help Contents > Gild. Students will want to look specifically at the Student Documentation.

Email gildhelp@cs.uvic.ca if you have any problems

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