Editing a Java File

After you have added Java files to your projects (see "Adding a Java File"), you will want to edit them. To begin editing, simply double-click on a Java file in the Gild Resource view. An editor will appear in the middle of your screen (see "B: Gild Editor"). Use this editor to edit your source code.

After you have edited the text of your source code, you will notice that a little asterisk (*) decorator will appear beside the name of file that you are editing. This decorator appears in both the Gild Editor itself and in the Gild Resource View. This asterisk is to remind you that your file needs to be saved. See the section "Accomplishing Common Tasks>Saving".

The editor supports all the common functionality that you would expect out of a regular text editor, plus a little more. The following sections describe how to perform some of that common functionality.

This section covers the following topics:

  1. Cutting/Copying and Pasting Text
  2. Shifting Text (Altering indentation)
  3. Undoing and Redoing Edits
  4. Adding/Removing Bookmarks
  5. Adding/Removing Tasks
  6. Adding/Removing Breakpoints

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